ESIS TC1 Spring Meeting 2013, June 6-7

Workshop on “Crack Closure Effects in Fatigue Crack Propagation”logo_esis

Dear Colleagues,

the ESIS TC1 is going to organise a workshop on the

“Crack Closure Effects in Fatigue Crack Propagation”

The workshop aims at providing a basis for knowledge exchange between scientists and field experts dealing with predictive methods for assessing fatigue crack growth in metallic structural components. In particular, the following aspects are suggested to be discussed

  • Plasticity induced crack closure: experimental techniques and numerical prediction,
  • Other crack closure mechanisms, such as oxide-induced, roughnessinduced, etc.,
  • Crack closure effect on short and long crack propagation,
  • Crack closure effect in different regions of the da/dN-DK curve, including the threshold regime,
  • Crack closure models for variable amplitude loading, load reversal, etc.,
  • Geometry or constraint dependent crack closure,
  • Interdependency between the crack closure effect and other phenomena,
  • Transferability of crack closure models from specimens to components.

The workshop should highlight both the progress in fatigue crack closure evaluation and deficiencies of currently existing techniques, specify practical needs, and promote an open discussion as to the feasibility of crack closure modelling for cracked components. Therefore, it is intended to provide ample time for discussion and thus to limit the number of presentations to about 15.

The meeting is planned to be held on June 6 to 7 (two full days).

It will take place at:

INEGI, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 400
4200-465 Porto

 We would be glad about your positive commitment to participate and, if possible, to contribute.

Please contact:

Dr. Pedro M. G. P. Moreira,University of Porto
Phone: +351 22 508 2151
Email :
(local organizer)
Prof. Dr. Uwe Zerbst,BAM Berlin
Phone: +49(0)30-8104 1531
E mail:

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Uwe Zerbst (BAM Berlin)     and    Igor Varfolomeev (Fraunhofer IWM Freiburg)

(Chairmen of ESIS TC 1)